[YouTube New Upload] Virtual Aquarium [60min.] Vol.7 Catfish | Tropical fish with aquarium sounds [SF THEATER]

YouTube New Upload: Virtual Aquarium [60min.] Vol.7 Catfish – Tropical fish with aquarium sounds. You can watch it on YouTube’s “SF THEATER” channel!

This is a series that presents a “virtual aquarium” with the classic and popular tropical fish and realistic and ASMR sounds (aquarium sound only). Vivid tropical fish float in a beautiful bokeh.
It is the perfect “visual interior” to be played as background music & background video for work, to improve concentration in desk work such as study or work, for daily space production such as reading, housework, cooking, cleaning, tea time, chatting, yoga, meditation, etc., to relieve insomnia or to help induce sleep, and as background music for work.

Enjoy classic & popular tropical fish with aquarium sounds.

[Contents / Fish List]
① Sterba’s corydoras | Corydoras sterbai
② Panda corydoras | Corydoras panda
③ Glass catfish | Kryptopterus bicirrhis
 *Swimming with other species
④ Zebra pleco | Hypancistrus zebra
⑤ Royal pleco | Panaque nigrolineatus
⑥ Driftwood catfish | Tatia intermedia
⑦ Redtail catfish | Phractocephalus hemioliopterus
⑧ Tigerstriped catfish | Brachyplatystoma tigrinum

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  • What is YouTube “SF THEATER” channel?

Based on an official license with “Synforest,” a pioneering label that has pioneered and led the world of ambient videos, background videos, and digital content in Japan for many years, this YouTube channel delivers high-quality video content, starting with official trailers and promotional videos for Blu-ray and DVD. We actively utilize unused and unreleased scenes that could not be included in the full-length commercial software releases, and create and distribute new video content for YouTube and video distribution from the vast amount of filming material we have in stock. Enjoy a richly varied view of the world, from healing and relaxation-oriented works such as healing landscapes in Japan and abroad, world heritage and amazing scenery, aerial footage, night views, animals in zoos and aquariums, pets such as dogs, cats, and tropical fish, trains and stations, to those in genres that arouse intellectual curiosity. “SF” stands for Synforest.

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