[YouTube New Upload] Bird Song Nature Sounds: Ruddy Kingfisher

YouTube New Upload: Bird Song Nature Sounds of the “Ruddy Kingfisher“. You can watch it on our “Bird Song Sounds” channel on YouTube!

  • Name: Ruddy Kingfisher
  • Binomial name / Scientific name: Halcyon coromanda
  • Kanji: 赤翡翠 (Nickname: 火の鳥、水乞鳥、水恋鳥、クッカル、ゴッカーロ、ミズヒョロ etc.)

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  • What is YouTube “Bird Song Sounds” channel?

“Bird Song Sounds” channel that archives bird songs. It is an official sub-channel of the famous YouTube wild bird video channel in Japan, “Wild Bird Japan”. Wild bird videographer “Mr. Susumu Sato”, known for his long-selling video publications that compile videos and sounds of wild birds in Japan, will present mainly bird song content (nature sounds) from his vast and valuable digital archive of video and sound recordings made over many years. It would be ideal for deep sleep, stress relief, relaxation, healing, calm, mindfulness, therapy, study, focus and concentration.

  • Videographer and Field Recording Creator: Susumu Sato
  • Producer and Editor: Yuji Kudo
  • Production and Publisher: Rest In Records Inc.
  • Copyright © Susumu Sato / Rest In Records Inc. All Rights Reserved

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