4K UHD video and simultaneously recorded sound to enjoy the healing power of the bonfire are available on the YouTube channel “SF Theater”. Flickering flames and the sound of crackling wood, 1/f fluctuation and ASMR realism enjoyed only with nature sounds!

Just standing by a bonfire and gazing at it in a daze is calming and relaxing. The real bonfires were filmed outdoors in 4K UHD quality and shown on the YouTube channel “SF Theater”.

Along with the “flickering flames” that allow the viewer to fully feel the “1/f fluctuation,” sound is also indispensable.
The ASMR-like sounds that viewers enjoy using only natural sounds recorded simultaneously on site, such as the crackling “sound of exploding firewood” and the ambience of “insect sounds” echoing in the field at night after sunset, enhance the viewer’s sense of realism.

The flickering and sound of fantastic flames that allow you to enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere.
The time to relax the mind and brain, sharpen the five senses, and face oneself is similar to the world of meditation and Zen.
Making fire, getting light, keeping warm, cooking….
It has been a vast number of years since humans began to use fire, but it seems that our human sensitivity to fire has been inherited at the DNA level.

In today’s busy life, this is the perfect tool for digital detox, mindfulness, sleep onset, good sleep, restful sleep, fatigue relief, stress relief, well-being, mental health, chill out, relaxation, healing, sound therapy, work background music, study background music, reading background music, etc., to enhance concentration.

Prepare alcohol and snacks, and set it to repeat playback, and you can easily enjoy a camping atmosphere through the screen while in your room. There is no need to worry about smoke, fire, smell, etc….

*This is a series of original content produced by Rest in Records for the YouTube channel “SF Theater”.


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  • To use the fire pit, you must apply for the “bonfire set” option.
  • Airbnb

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