Crystal Tuning Fork 4096Hz + Bonfire Crackling Fire Sounds (No Music / 1 Hour) Prologue to Opening the Doors of Angels | 4K UHD Quality Available on YouTube!

1 hour 4K UHD video combining the “high frequency sound” of a crystal tuner (tuning fork) tuned to 4096Hz, which is said to open the door to angels, and the ASMR “bonfire sound” of crackling firewood exploding is available on the YouTube channel “SF Theater”.

There is no music at all, only natural and environmental sounds. High-quality original sound sources by “Field Recording Lab” are used.

The video is high quality 4K UHD, filmed independently using a real bonfire with an outdoor fire pit.
The “flickering flame,” which is soothing enough to simply gazing at in a daze, is filled with “1/f fluctuation,” which has an outstanding relaxing effect.

One of the fundamental frequencies that the earth has always resonated with, called the Schumann resonance, is “7.83Hz”, which is said to have been raised nine octaves to “4096Hz”.

The unique frequency characteristics and high-dimensional vibrations that promote cathartic effects are ideal for relaxation, meditation, healing, yoga, mindfulness, sleep onset, deep sleep, music therapy, fatigue relief, stress relief, well-being, mental health, digital detox, chill-out, background music, ambient video, etc., to enhance energy and concentration.

*This is a series of original content produced by Rest in Records for the YouTube channel “SF Theater”.


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  • To use the fire pit, you must apply for the “bonfire set” option.
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  • Distribution YouTube Channel: SF Theater
  • SF Theater x REST IN RECORDS
  • Copyright © Rest In Records Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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