The new album “Amazing Ocean Sounds for Sleep” by Synforest feat. Field Recording Lab was released on February 22, 2022, on all digital platforms!

REST IN RECORDS released a new album “Amazing Ocean Sounds for Sleep” on February 22, 2022, on all digital platforms!

This is a full album with high-quality sounds of natural waves that will help you sleep more smoothly and comfortably.

This work is part of a remastering project to convert the “sounds” archived by the Pioneer label “Synforest”, which has been a leader in digital ambient/chillout contets in Japan, into works using the latest remastering technology.

The planning, editing and remastering of this album was done by Deep Sleep Lab.

It is ideal for falling asleep, but also for other purposes such as relaxation, concentration, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, chill out, background music, etc.

Album Title: Amazing Ocean Sounds for Sleep
Artist: Synforest feat. Deep Sleep Lab
Release Date: February 22, 2022
Format: Album | 15 Tracks | 47m
Catalog Number: RIR0005

  1. Birds On The Beach
  2. Relaxing Island
  3. Blissful Shoreline
  4. Seaside Therapy
  5. Chill Waves
  6. Peaceful Surf
  7. Natural Waves For Meditation
  8. Ocean Swell
  9. Rolling Waves
  10. Drowsy Waves
  11. Ocean Sounds for Concentration
  12. Sleep Waves
  13. Whispering Waves
  14. Calming Waves
  15. Night Waves
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