Outdoor EP “Bonfire and Campfire – Crackling Fire Sounds”, where the sounds of campfires are tasted as soothing background music, is now available on subscription digital platforms. Latest work by Field Recording Lab!

Outdoor EP “Bonfire and Campfire – Crackling Fire Sounds” by sound artists “Field Recording Lab“, released digitally by REST IN RECORDS on major music distribution services (Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, LINE Music, Spotify, etc.).

Original recording of a real bonfire in an outdoor environment. The sound of crackling wood explosions is full of “1/f fluctuation. This is an archive that approaches the charm of bonfires, which are calming and relaxing even when viewed in a daze, from the perspective of “sound”.

The ASMR realism, which harmonizes with natural sounds created by the latest digital remastering technology, is ideal for digital detox, mindfulness, deep sleep, fatigue recovery, stress relief, mental health, chill-out, relaxation, and healing in today’s busy life, It is ideal for enhancing concentration, such as background music for work, etc.


  • Bonfire – Crackling Fire Sounds
  • Burning Bonfire and Ocean Waves Relaxation – Beach Camping
  • Rainy Day Fire Pit – Sound of Firewood and Rain
  • Summer Evening Campfire
  • Relaxing Campfire Outdoors at Night
  • Morning Bonfire and Bird Song by the River

[Artist Profile]

Field Recording Lab|Sound artist pursuing the creation of soundscapes through field recordings. We work on soundscapes that we want to preserve through recording, editing, and archiving of nature and ambient sounds, with the main themes of nature, the four seasons, culture, and city noise. We aim to create healing works that can be played during relaxation time as “sound esthetics” to feel with sound, “sound trips” to travel with sound, and “sound therapy” to be healed with sound. Please enjoy it for relaxation, stress relief, fatigue recovery, mindfulness, meditation, chill-out, space production, background music for work, sleep inducing and good sleep items, etc.

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